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Thursday, August 18, 2005
  They're Baaaack
Today the faculty swarmed on campus for all sorts of departmental meetings and for our first formal speech from the new pres. The first day of school is amazing for its simplicity, and it remains little changed from when I was in grade school: after weeks or months apart, we come back with new haircuts and outfits, hopes and expectations, and kiss cheeks and shake hands, go to lunch, laugh, stand alone, doodle, and snicker. Today was wonderfully special because of its familiarity. It was also wonderful because for the first time since I've come to Radford (and this is my fifth year), folks were smiling as much after the College and University meetings as they were beforehand. There is a new sense of hope and promise, or at least I feel a new sense of hope and promise. And what a relief it is to be optimistic for once! President Kyle is going to be good for RU. Things are going to change, and that is exciting.
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